Use me in wasted fun, a black light rubber

I’m gonna bathe in all your discarded lovers.

Broken by shame; domesticated by hate

Signs blinking on and off saying stop go Wait.


Wine glasses thrown at the television screen,

Screaming in geisha makeup; you were so mean

Please be a man n cry with shoulders squared;

I didn’t mean to kick you in your underwear.


Selfish Quasimodo dancing in my tower,

Looking down on our lies; a lofty wallflower

Rotten worlds seduce, sadistic forbidden fruit

Gonna shut down my Windows, turn my life on mute.


I’m remembering a time when I tasted dirt

Naked flesh ripped open wide, wounds that bled and hurt

Now you’re gleeful in a robe of many colors

While I’m popping soap bubbles, a detached glacier


Eyes glaring and the lights blazing; ceiling on fire

Soft music dumbed down by insecurities higher

I lost a stiletto you know I’ll never leave;

You’re the heart shaped stain I wear on my sleeve.