Time for a beer

I’m really tired. Been up since 4 AM and dealing with a lot of airport delays….

back from shooting in Virginia; we took what I think are some great photos. They are going to be published in a book at some point. I like them a lot and think they kind of represent the new style I’d like to have more of in my portfolio.

It’s so hard to be so many different women every day of the week. always new makeup, new wigs, new identities. I enjoy it but sometimes I am not sure who I really want to be. I miss my colored hair, my crazy clothes, my alternative look…but at the same time, I want to try other looks too. Everything gets boring to me after awhile. I’m at the point now where I’m really excited to go blonde in June—I’m craving a new and fun look. I never thought I’d ever want to be a blonde …but it’s a new frontier!

Anyways, enough about this silly stuff. I’m not sure anybody wants to hear me complain…aside from the minor identity crises that we all seem to face as a part of growing up…Life is OK :) I’m going on many adventures these days and meeting very interesting people from all walks of life.

oh—I’ve been reading William Gibson’s books this week. I’m hooked. His books are the original cyberpunk novels. I am actually quite surprised at how much his world seems to resonate with the fantasy sci fi future I’ve always imagined in my head. I can also see how much his books have influenced other books, movies, and video games.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Italy. My friends at Tall Cat got me a cute lil video/still camera and I’m excited to finally film some behind the scenes of my travel and work. I hope that through these videos I can give people a fun little look into my work/life. I’ve always loved travel shows and I like the idea of filming all these different places I visit. Often times I travel alone and there’s nobody to share my adventures with! Hopefully that will change soon. I am always such a half hearted blogger—I don’t like spending more time on the internet than I absolutely have to—but I will try my best to write a bit more/post more pictures and video. Thank you all for checking out my page. :)