Italy photoblog

Last month I was in Italy and had so much fun! It was a very enjoyable trip. I don’t normally travel with photographers but I was traveling along with photographer John Foley for this visit. It was really cool to be able to have someone to document all the adventures! I also took some of my own photos using one of his cameras.

All of these photos are either by John or I. We spent 11 days in Italy— started out in Rome and then went to La Spezia and the Cinque Terre. We then returned to Rome for the last day of the trip. There was a good mixture of work and pleasure on this voyage. We made some great new friends. I am looking forward to returning to this beautiful country. :)

The first day we got to Rome was the Italian national worker’s holiday so the streets were quite empty:

Piazza Mincio


haha, doing the “kate moss” you know what I mean?

At the Trevi Fountain:

Photo I took of said Fountain:

haha…asking for directions..

Some street photos I did near Trevi Fountain:

 We were hoping to do a conceptual shoot at the Pantheon with another model but when we scoped it out it became apparent that there were just too many people (tourists) and things going on to get a good image. I still enjoyed visiting the structure is a cultural landmark for sure! I took some photos in the Pantheon as well. Here are two of my favorites:

 at the hotel:


One of my favorite shots John took of me on the trip:

Some more photos we did during daytime:

model ToxicV and I prepping to do a commercial shot for the Hotel Degli Aranci..yay, champagne..

Some more behind the scenes during some of the shoots we all did in Rome:

Gift from my new crazy talented whiskey drinking friend Freddie Wolf..his calendar! Thanks Freddie!

Oh, we went to the Vatican and I took some pictures of course ^_^ actually, most the pictures I took were not of the artwork…but here you go.

Graffiti on stone:

I didn’t get any good photos in the Sistine Chapel but I took this one of people leaving. This is the hallway you walk through after immediately exiting the Chapel. The modern, sparse design and dreamy lighting was interesting to me as contrasted with the extreme beauty and ornate skill of Michaelangelo’s work:

I found the walls and windows in the Musei Vaticani quite interesting:

Also, of course, this famous staircase:

I loved this guy although I couldn’t get a good photo:

Oh yea. If you have an extra 140,000 euros or so to spare, make sure to check out the Roman Catholic Church’s garage sale. They’re getting rid of some old pagan busts and other knicknacks that have been collecting dust in their vaults for the last several thousand years:

Some more random photos from the Vatican City:

Under Construction:

beat up old plastic chairs make an interesting contrast next to what is one of the world’s largest collections of treasures and art:

Next we traveled to La Spezia! It is situated right along the Italian coastline about 4 hours north (by train) from Rome. Such a beautiful city!

ahh, was having fun..!

From La Spezia we traveled by train to the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is a collection five cities along the coastline. All of the cities are extremely beautiful. There was a pathway where one could walk from city to city over the course of a day or two. However, due to mudslides some of the areas of the walkway were closed when we visited. We did manage to walk from Riomaggiore to Manarola—it’s an extremely short distance between the two cities! Here are some photos:

John sneaked a picture of me this day at lunch. We met this very, very outgoing Polish lady (she invited us to taste her food as soon as we got in the restaurant) and she was a big opera fan. I spent more of the lunch talking about opera than actually eating. The conversation was interesting but the food was so good; I’m sad I didn’t get to enjoy it more! Seriously, a pizza with octopus and mussels…it was amazing!

Well, that concludes it for me. Many good times were had and sometimes the best times are when people forget about taking pictures because they are having too much fun! …but here’s a few random, more “abstract” shots I also took during this trip. Enjoy! Til next time :) …See you soon~!