In memory of Girard

Last weekend my dear friend Girard DeMuro passed away. His friends and family will all miss him very much. Girard was such an important person in so many people’s lives. Everyone who knew him can attest to his amazing talent and wonderful, kind energy.

I moved to Phoenix in August 2008. For almost a year I couldn’t seem to find anyone who was able to style my hair the way I liked it. A lot of you know how difficult it can be to move to a new city/state and change hairstylists! I started cutting my own hair for the first time in my life. This was quite a disaster since I’ve always dyed my own hair but I’m miserably bad at haircutting. When I met Girard it was love at first sight. He became my hairstylist first and quickly became a close friend. We worked on so many projects together and had so many adventures.

There was always an amazing creative energy in the air whenever I got to see Girard.  He truly loved creativity of all kinds and was a massive support to the local art community.  Around town he was known by most as the owner of Be.Headed Salon. However, Girard was also a very talented artist in mediums other than hair. He loved to experiment as a musician and photographer. Girard let local artists hang their work in his shop, styled hair for music videos and live band performances, worked on countless photo/video projects,  DJ-ed at local events (sometimes under the hilarious name “The Mixtress”) and even modeled/acted on a couple of occasions! We could talk all night long and I loved to brainstorm with him. I’d say—“Girard, let’s do something that looks like a cloudy blue sky except created out of hair!” and he’d make it happen.  

Girard was the kind of person that always made people smile. I could never be in a bad mood around him… He would tease me mercilessly about all kinds of things and the laughter was nonstop. I always wanted to have him on shoots with me because I knew the whole time would be a blast…and afterward we’d probably go to the local dive bar or a restaurant and continue the fun.

Like many, I thought that Girard would be a big part of my life for quite a few more years to come. The news of his passing came as a painful shock. I had spoken to him on the phone just a few days prior and it seemed like his presence was still everywhere; I couldn’t believe that he was gone. I’m still trying my best to accept that Girard has moved on. I hope that you are happy, Girard…rest in peace my lovely, talented friend.  We all love you so much.


took this one in Philly (Girard’s hometown) when I was there; it was a little game to find signs with his name on them: