Hives suck.

so I was sick in Italy and I took some homeopathic medicine to get better.

Except I took three times the recommended dosage…

Cuz I’m dumb. It made me break out in hives. The whole plane flight back from Italy I looked like I had some disease and it felt like fire ants were trying to chew through my skin. ANYWAYS. the hives are finally fading but damn, what an annoyance. I actually tanned myself yesterday to try to match my skin better to the hives. haha. Can’t delay as I have a bikini product shoot tomorrow :)

lesson? don’t overdose on herbal medication.

pictures/video coming from Italy soon. **kiss kiss** I had a lot of fun.

traveling to New Orleans this week! I’m doing both makeup work and modeling on this visit. Four or five other beautiful and talented models will be also there for the should definitely be an enjoyable trip :)