Artificial Human - Mercury

2013 LP featuring the mighty Luxbot Lacheln on vocal duties. A mashup of samples, guitars, pianos and sitars in dubby grooves, aggressive drum + bass freakouts, and ambient moodiness.

1. Sunbeam

2. Invisible Hands

3. Somehow

4. What You Want To Do In The Future

5. Omnivore

6. Anonymous Rendezvous

7. Atmosphere

8. Evolution

9. Uncanny Valley

10. Sunbeam Reprise

11. Calliope

I’ve been working on a handful of different music projects after I began taking voice lessons a year and a half ago. One of those collaborations has been with David.

Working with David on artistic endeavors is always a joy whether it is music, photography, painting, or whatever else we do. I feel like I’m still trying to find my voice (literally) as a singer but I’m getting there and having a lot of fun with it! Check out the new album that he’s put together featuring my voice on a few of the tracks.

Source: http://soundcloud.com/artificial-human/set...