The FAQs of LL


   (Q) What does your name mean?  

(A)  Lux means "light" in Latin; it is also the international system unit of illumination. Lächeln means "smile" in German. My name superficially means light and smile. However, the meaning is twofold. I came up with the name Lux Lächeln after reading several stories that inspired my personal philosophy. 


(Q) What's your ethnicity?  

(A) I'm a Eurasian mix: half Taiwanese and half Caucasian (Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Native American)


  (Q) Are you represented by an agency?

 (A) I am associated with a handful of nonexclusive agencies.  However, I currently book the majority of my own work.


(Q) Is modeling your full time job? 

(A) Yes. I used to model as a child and began modeling again full time six years ago. 


 (Q) Do you have any tattoos?

(A) I have one small tattoo on my lower right hip. 


(Q) Do you do your own hair and makeup for shoots?

(A) Yes, I do my own hair and makeup for a large percentage of my shoots. I always enjoy being a part of the styling process! Nevertheless, if the styling desired is time consuming or elaborate I will generally require either a stylist or an additional fee for my hair and makeup services.   


  (Q) Do you model fully nude?

(A) Currently I am only interested in modeling for implied nude shoots.


(Q) Why does your hair color/style change so much? What does your actual hair look like? 

 (A) Over the last three years I've had my hair dyed almost every color of the rainbow. I also use wigs and hair extensions a lot. I love experimenting with hair! My natural hair color is black. Currently my hair is its natural hue and is cut in a short asymmetrical bob style.